The day Frigga met Loki



1. a picture or sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ on her lap or in her arms.


I heard about a Tom Hiddleston interview in which he said that Loki meant every word in his death scene. Can anyone send me the link? I can’t find it anywhere.





MCU Films Song of the Day going out to Loki specificially at the end of Thor the Dark World (so spoilers sorta)

Michael Buble - “Feeling Good” (live)


want to see just how good Loki’s feeling? Sign the petition.

SPOILERS for Thor 2

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Somebody please make a drawing of this scenario!!!!!! And then send it to me :) 

If Loki is posing as Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark World … does that mean that he’s riding Sleipnir now?

That’s my boy!